Property Plus is being used now by international retailers and corporate occupiers.

Most other property management software in the market is designed for managing agents or investors and tends to focus on landlord accounting and controlling rental and service charge income, rather than focussing on property maintenance and controlling costs.

Property Plus has been specifically designed for the needs of corporate occupiers, allowing them to monitor all aspects of their portfolio from property information to lease dates and occupancy costs to maintenance spend.

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Store all your lease documents, photos, floor plans, reports in the document library and access from anywhere.

At the heart of Property Plus is a powerful database to help you manage all your data and records.

Record all your property data – location, amenities, leases, subleases, subtenants, landlords, managing agents, photographs, management notes, documents, measurements, furniture, head count, acquisition and disposal details, rating and all occupancy costs.

Property data can be recorded in a variety of ways to suit your portfolio and company structure.

Property Plus integrates well with Microsoft Office products such as Word, Excel and Outlook.

Accurately track all your lease events and monitor real-time progress on transactions.

Property Plus will store all your key dates, send email alerts as required and provide a mechanism for appropriate triggers for action at any point in the future.

Monitor all your critical lease and property diary dates, including:

  • Lease expiries
  • Break notice dates
  • Rent reviews
  • Health and Safety events
  • Redecoration clauses
  • Planned maintenance events
  • Any routine procedures

You can choose just how this works – escalating email alerts to pre-selected individuals.

A missed key event can cost thousands of pounds.
Remove this risk with Property Plus.

Property Plus allows you to keep all your property expenditure under control and on budget.

Property Plus helps you identify very precisely what you spend on all your properties.

The rent roll function allows you to instantly produce a report of all your rent payment details – amounts, who to pay and the due dates.  You can track and implement stepped rent increases or rent-free periods.  You can mark rents on hold and also deal with turnover rents.

Analyse all your occupancy costs at whatever level you want: by individual building, or individual supplier, or individual cost type (rent, rates, insurance, service charge, maintenance costs) – all with a view to finding out where your money goes and how you might be able to reduce those costs.

Producing annual budgets is made much more simple with Property Plus.

In the hands of an experienced property manager, Property Plus will soon pay for itself – and thereafter it will directly contribute to your bottom line.

Property Plus has a fully-integrated Facilities Management module split into distinctive areas to give you maximum information and control of this function.

  • Planned and reactive maintenance (click the link below to read more).
  • Capital projects – Record and track all projects from first fit out to refurbishments and larger capital projects.
  • Site facilities – Record what’s on site, who is responsible and warranties.
  • Asbestos – Full asbestos management control and upload documents. Asbestos management information automatically links to maintenance jobs.
  • Utilities – Record details of all supplies, meters, locations and readings.
  • Asset Register – Bespoke register allows you to record any site assets you wish and then report on them.
Property Plus allows you to manage all your reactive and planned maintenance in a sophisticated and interactive way.

You can raise reactive maintenance jobs setting out all the key information and automatically send these to preloaded contractors.  Any asbestos information will automatically attach to the raised job.  You can track and update progress on a maintenance job and once submitted this can automatically update the site or key people who need to be kept informed.

All maintenance jobs can be reported on including completed jobs.  You can analyse jobs over a period of time and break this down by site region, job type or contractor.

You can record and analyse maintenance spend by category, job type and supplier giving you powerful information for budget and procurement purposes.

Planned maintenance events can be set up and logged allowing you to produce detailed reports showing all your events over a period of time or period of the lease.  This helps you and your staff stay protected in terms of ensuring health and safety and compliance events are dealt with and that your buildings are maintained.  It also gives you key information to use in procurement of suppliers and services.

Property Plus allows you to track, record and monitor multiple capital projects against a property for the duration of the lease.

From the initial fit-out works, through refurbishments and to end-of-lease dilapidations.  Recording all the details including costs, suppliers involved, any warranties and any pertinent information that may be useful for future reference.  You can upload documents such as plans, budgets and warranties against a project for secure storage and easy access.

Property Plus allows you to accurately record a project’s budget cost and show actual spend versus budget.  It also records spend against suppliers and contractors, which allows you analyse that spend in future procurement exercises.

Property Plus allows you to interrogate and report on all the key data around your property portfolio.

With a combination of standardised management reports as well as bespoke reporting tools you can obtain valuable information for reporting on almost any data as well as producing interactive management control tools.

Property Plus has standard reports, but at set-up time we work with you to design specific reports you may require, which are then available at the click of a button.  With a bespoke reporting tool allowing you to produce your own reports, we also offer continued support.  So if you need a new report designed, we can build it for you and add it to the reporting page for future use.

Some highlighted reports giving property managers powerful information are:

  • Report on all or specific lease events by portfolio, date range, event type or specific user.
  • Track progress of negotiations on renewals, rent reviews or other event. See the latest update. Reports can be user specific.
  • Review outstanding reactive and planned maintenance jobs or completed jobs.
  • Report on maintenance spend by job type or between dates or by contractor/supplier.
  • Report on all your occupancy costs (rent, rates, service charge, insurance, maintenance etc.) by type or between dates.
  • Rent roll reports showing who to pay, payment dates, stepped rent changes etc.
  • Size reports and space utilisation.

The reporting options are extensive, allowing you great control and visibility of your portfolio.