14 09, 2015

Why Property Management Software Is Critical For Expanding Retailers

© ashatuvango - Fotolia.com With an economic recovery also comes a renewed interest in commercial property. Retailers in particular seem once again eager to expand their operations or franchises in new locations and in new territories. Here in the UK, we have seen announcements of planned future growth from a number of  retailers across the spectrum of the market, as reported in an article from Retail Week from earlier this year. It is important that retailers approach such expansion in a methodical, controlled manner capturing all the future lease events at the time of acquisition so these can [...]

7 09, 2015

Why You Should Avoid Missing The Break Clauses In Commercial Property Leases, And How You Can Remember Them

© alexskopje - Fotolia.com The central tenet of commercial property occupancy is the duration of the lease. The lease predetermines your cost commitment and an ongoing location for your business. It is therefore vitally important for any commercial property manager or commercial occupier to know both when the lease ends or when it can be broken via a ‘break clause’. Break clauses are common in commercial leases, giving flexibility to tenant and sometimes landlords alike. As the name suggests, a break clause ( break option) is an official date in the lease, agreed by both the landlord and [...]