Property Plus allows you to manage all your reactive and planned maintenance in a sophisticated and interactive way.

You can raise reactive maintenance jobs setting out all the key information and automatically send these to preloaded contractors.  Any asbestos information will automatically attach to the raised job.  You can track and update progress on a maintenance job and once submitted this can automatically update the site or key people who need to be kept informed.

All maintenance jobs can be reported on including completed jobs.  You can analyse jobs over a period of time and break this down by site region, job type or contractor.

You can record and analyse maintenance spend by category, job type and supplier giving you powerful information for budget and procurement purposes.

Planned maintenance events can be set up and logged allowing you to produce detailed reports showing all your events over a period of time or period of the lease.  This helps you and your staff stay protected in terms of ensuring health and safety and compliance events are dealt with and that your buildings are maintained.  It also gives you key information to use in procurement of suppliers and services.