Controlling Costs

Property Plus allows you to keep all your property expenditure under control and on budget.

Property Plus helps you identify very precisely what you spend on all your properties.

The rent roll function allows you to instantly produce a report of all your rent payment details – amounts, who to pay and the due dates.  You can track and implement stepped rent increases or rent-free periods.  You can mark rents on hold and also deal with turnover rents.

Analyse all your occupancy costs at whatever level you want: by individual building, or individual supplier, or individual cost type (rent, rates, insurance, service charge, maintenance costs) - all with a view to finding out where your money goes and how you might be able to reduce those costs.

Producing annual budgets is made much more simple with Property Plus.

In the hands of an experienced property manager, Property Plus will soon pay for itself - and thereafter it will directly contribute to your bottom line.